Game Design, and Programming

Macktek has partnered with many professionals to create a state-of-the-art Game, that will combine the C4 Engine with core enhancements and impressive Art Assets.  Your character will have to engage in heavy combat, solve puzzles, and strategize to defeat the enemy.  Immerse yourself in an immense landscape with streaming voxel based terrain.  Even use Ultra-high quality settings for incredible detail on systems that can really handle it!  Real time terrain deformation and voxel based blob effects will amaze you.


The development will include:

  • Open game play with dynamic scripting behavior.
  • Complex Artificial Intelligence for a rich player interaction.
  • Storyline that allows for Multi-player Cooperative play as the storyline unfolds.
  • Realtime combat that also involves strategic planning.
  • Command multiple units as you progress through the game.
  • Continue to play even after the ultimate goal has been achieved.


If you are a programmer, artist or level designer familiar with Terathon's C4 Engine, currently seeking a Game worth working on...

You found it.