C4 Engine Plugins and Enhancements

Macktek has several plugins available for the C4 Engine.  Improve your Art Pipeline with easy to use, intuitive plugins.

  • Asset Manager for C4 Engine:
    • Adds a new "page" to the C4 World Editor called the "Asset Manager" to bring multi-tab access to your textures, materials and models.
    • Scroll thru your models and sort them by name.
    • All models in your Asset List also visible as "preview icon" so you always know what your model looks like when you select it.
    • Load your textures, models and materials from multiple source directories.
    • Sort your texture assets by name or directory
    • All textures previewed in a tab.  Quickly and easily create new materials from textures without tedious file picking.


  • Model Importer:  Allows you to load / reload your assets from your external directories.
  • Organize your Model Assets in directories using meaningful category names (Buildings, Characters, Effects, or any other valid directory name)
  • Search and Display only assets having the directory of your choice and or the name of your choice with our filters.
  • Easily list all models having any keyword: such as Brick, Metal, Monster, Vehicle etc... totally determined by your own model naming convention.
  • Materials are auto applied to your model because the importer includes a texture importer... parse your collada files, locate your textures, and import them automatically using your assigned directories.


And Many more features. 


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