Asset Manager: C4 World Editor Plugin

The Asset Manager is an add-on enhancement to the World Editor of the C4 Engine that builds on the foundations of the Material Manager. Assets (Materials, Textures, and Models) are readily available, and organized in Tabs, and displayed as preview tiles.


Materials Tab  Asset ManagerThe Materials Tab:

  • Create your materials quickly from your texture directories.

  • Filter your Materials by partial keyword and Sort alphabetically.

  • Quickly and easily see the material changes in your models.

  • Edit your materials quickly and easily.

  • Preview your Materials from the tiles or the larger preview pane.

  • Convenient tiles sizes: 64x64, 128x128 and 256x256 allow you to scroll thru your materials efficiently and at the magnification your desire.


Materials Tab  Lrg Tiles  Asset Manager



The Texture Tab:Textures Tab  Lrg Tiles  Asset Manager

  • The Asset Manager will preload all your textures to the textures tab from as many directories as you define.

  • Filter all your Texture Assets by name or keyword using a text filter. (Assets with good naming conventions will be quickly found)

  • Filter Texture Assets by directory name: categorize your assets by directory.

  • Create materials directly from the texture tab without using the file picker.

  • Add, remove or hide the effect of any texture on your material in real time, and preview the result.

  • Preview tile sizes: 64x64, 128x128 or 256x256.


The Models Tab:

Models Tab  Lrg Tiles  Asset Manager


  • Visualize your models using the models tab.

  • Sort, and Filter by your models by name.

  • Any model can be viewed in the Preview, in real time, and manipulated in 360 degrees for all axis.

  • Add your models directly to your world using the exact world coordinates, and applying the rotation around all axis that you desire.


OR add your models directly from the Asset Manager page: Asset Page  Asset Manager mini

  • Scroll thru your Model Assets and see small icon preview of each model.

  • See a larger preview for any selected model.

  • Filter your models using any text keyword.

  • Add your models as generic instances (saves resources) or as completely unique.

  • Configurable list of directories allows you to pre-load the Assets you work with most frequently.

The Asset Manager is now in beta. Sales limited to persons with a valid C4 Engine License Standard or Higher.


Special Thanks to:
Terathon, Eric Lengyel for everything.
Dexsoft, Machinery frank for donating models for testing.
Thunderbull, for tireless efforts, and to the Betatesters, for feedback.


Asset Manager, modified source code copyright Macktek, LLC. Original Source Code modified with permission, copyright Terathon Software Inc. Source code may not be shared or released to anyone for any reason without written permission from Terathon, and Macktek, LLC. Due to source code license restrictions, Purchaser must agree to license registration policy. Purchaser agrees not to resell similar product using code from our product. Features listed are subject to change based on beta feedback, or other technical reasons. (hopefully for the better). Pricing subject to change. Any and all feedback suggestions are welcome. All feedback, suggestions and programming code suggestions may be incorporated into the product. You agree that: (1) your feedback, suggestions or programing code submissions and their contents will automatically become the property of Macktek, LLC, without any compensation to you; (2) Macktek, LLC may use or redistribute the submissions and their contents for any purpose and in any way; Persons providing especially good feedback, that includes programming code may be rewarded with free products from time to time. Model Importer and other pages, and windows are
not part of Asset Manage.